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As a Public Benefit Corporation, Sacred Medicines mission and financial viability are both important to us. Our mission is to develop whole plant medicines for the treatment of psychiatric and neurologic conditions as we believe that psychedelic medicines can help heal the world. Therefore, we are developing Ayahuasca Tea through the FDA as a botanical drug.


Thousands of years ago, indigenous Amazonian healers were guided to develop this profound medicine for spiritual and physical healing. Ayahuasca Tea is a sacrament and has been declared a National Treasure by the government of Peru. Without the efforts of indigenous communities and their global offering of the medicine, Sacred Medicines would not be in a position to move forward. Ayahuasca Tea is not ours and to honor the centuries of work of indigenous healers, forest keepers and Amazonian communities, Sacred Medicines is currently developing significant reciprocity initiatives.

To develop Ayahuasca Tea in reciprocity it is critical that Ayahuasca Tea must be studied for efficacy and safety in clinical trials, followed by rigorous regulatory review.


There are three ways to support the work of Sacred Medicines PBC: philanthropy, donation, impact investing.



With philanthropy our critical mission work (reciprocity) can be maximized. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ( is our fiscal sponsor for tax-deductible donations.

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 Impact Investing

Impact investments generate social and/or environmental impact with some level of financial return.



Sacred Medicines PBC is seeking investors.

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Do you want to become a volunteer and support our organization? 

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