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Reciprocity is our centerpiece

SACRED MEDICINES PBC is a public benefit corporation (PBC), solidifying our organizations commitment to creating significant social impact across cultures. We are working in collaboration with traditional healers to begin clinical trials with conscientious use of whole plant medicines such as Ayahuasca Tea. 


This means, first, that Ayahuasca Tea is not our product even though we manufacture it. Ayahuasca Tea belongs to the gatekeepers of the Amazon’s culture and traditions. These healers have decided to share it with the world. 


Thousands of years ago, indigenous Amazonian healers were guided to develop this profound medicine for spiritual and physical healing. Ayahuasca Tea is a sacrament and has been declared a National Treasure by the government of Peru. Without the efforts of numerous indigenous communities and their global offering of the medicine, Sacred Medicines would not be in a position to move forward. Ayahuasca Tea is not ours and we exist to honor the centuries of work of indigenous healers, forest keepers and Amazonian communities.


We believe that any use of Ayahuasca has to be respectful of this tradition. Therefore, Sacred Medicines is in discussions of various reciprocity programs. 


As the goal of bringing Ayahuasca through the FDA is a project that has multiple stages and may be financially beneficial some years after commercialization. We believe that honor and reciprocity are an essential element of our company and our projects.