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Ethnobotanical Plant Medicine

We envision a world where Sacred Plant extracts, in conjunction with integration therapy, are safely and legally available for those that desire it. 


  • We respect and perform rigorous scientific evaluation of risk and benefit, with honor and respect for indigenous wisdom and culture. 


  • We intend a future where psychoactive plant medicines are fully integrated into Western healing pathways. 


Reciprocity is our Centerpiece

The Western use of Sacred Plant medicines must honor indigenous traditions and culture, as these communities have so freely gifted their knowledge and medicines to Westerners over centuries. 

Indigenous communities in our world are suffering, and in some cases the wisdom of Sacred Healing traditions are on the verge of extinction. These communities have not benefited from the Psychedelic Renaissance throughout the Western world. It is essential to integrate true reciprocity into the burgeoning psychedelic medicine sector, in honor of these gifts.


Protecting Sacred Plant

Like traditional Ayahuasca Tea our medicine will be a complex ethnobotanical formula produced with fresh B. caapi vine and P. viridis leaves that are sustainably harvested from an ethnobotanical preserve outside of the Amazon Basin. This sacred medicinal plant preserve was created by pioneering American psychonauts nearly 50 years ago – Terence McKenna and Dennis McKenna.

Close up of Banisteriopsis Caapi flowers, one of the Ayahuasca plants. Psychadelic plant f
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